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Tunbridge ware - An elegant gift any time of the year

Tunbridge Ware Box
As Tunbridge Wells developed into a fashionable spa town in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the demand for souvenirs and ornaments created by local craftsmen grew too. A technique was developed which used tessellated mosaic, a process of assembling slips of woods in bundles, following patterns drawn on squared paper which were later glued, sliced, reassembled into secondary blocks and then cut into a series of identical veneers applied to the surface of each piece. ..

Mike Howlett - Thursday, November 30, 2017

Spring Collectables in Tunbridge Wells

Spring Collectables
The winter over, the main buy seems to be glassware, vases, glasses, decanters, ewers etc., which took me by surprise as experts on TV say glass is out of fashion and nobody wants it. As I like glassware I have bought several pieces and collections and sold most of it before I even photographed it so it did not appear on the site, individual pieces of porcelain also sold well. ..

Mike Howlett - Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Christmas Gift Boxes

Antique Gift Boxes
With Christmas looming it is time to think of gifts for loved ones, there can be no better present than an antique which can be carried through life and always remind that person who gave it to them. In particular I am thinking of boxes, beautiful boxes made from rosewood and other woods, inlaid with mother of pearl, brass and ebony. ..

Mike Howlett - Thursday, December 05, 2013

Join Us Down Memory Lane

Downlane Hall Interior
Welcome to our new blog. Over the coming months we would like to share with you stories, musings and information from our antique furniture dealership. We start with a brief introduction to the business by featuring an article from the Sevenoaks Vine Magazine, originally published in November 2010. ..

Mike Howlett - Friday, September 20, 2013